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Right from the concept of the upcycled plates, I decided I would try to be as sustainable as possible. I mention the following on my website:

"I am upcycling these beautiful pieces by celebrating and remembering the times we are in... mixing the old with the new".

The 'new' also involves sustainability...

I see the damage plastic has done to the environment and not just worldwide so packaging my plates in a safe and sustainable way was definitely on my list.

I decided to eliminate the 'bells and whistles' that sometimes comes with packaging, i.e ribbons, lots of tissue paper, address stickers etc! Less is more in my personal opinion and making sure the product arrives in one piece is key!

I also wanted to source as much of my packaging in Ireland and I am glad to say I have achieved that.

The plates are wrapped in protective paper packaging and/or reused bubble wrap supplied by Green Bubble. Green Bubble sell used bubble wrap.
I supply a C6 size card (recycled) with information and care of the plate purchased. I package the plates in cardboard book wraps which are perfect and safe - no breakages yet! All are sourced here in Ireland.

(Proud to be featured in The Green Tick - A website and blog which promotes sustainablility and fosters a community of like-minded people and businesses within Ireland.)